With Invisalign Clear Braces, patients at Dental Blush are getting the smile they’ve always wanted.

A great smile will give you confidence that can change your life. Is it not time you receive that lovely smile, too?

What Is Invisalign?

Miami Invisalign is a procedure for orthodontics that straightens the teeth without using metal braces.

It is a set of customized, transparent braces which cover the teeth and pull them over time in the correct position. Invisalign clear aligners are translucent and less noticeable than conventional metal braces because they can be picked up and removed.

Most people desire to change their smile; however, they believe the only way is to have conventional metal braces.

There are no metal brackets or wire for Invisalign clear braces to detract from your smile.

With Invisalign transparent braces, the teeth will be secure, perfect, and precisely balanced in half the time that typical braces would take.

In conclusion, Invisalign is an inexpensive, confidential approach if you’re a mom who is investigating orthodontic therapy for a child or an adult who has been putting off therapy for several years.

What Is the Composition of Invisalign?

Invisalign uses clear aligners made of BPA-free plastics that are much more convenient than standard metal braces.

Dentists customize the aligners to straighten your teeth and give you a perfect smile that you have always desired.

You will have a meeting with us before you get specific aligners from Invisalign to clarify your smile expectations and what you should expect from your care. 

Who Is Supposed to Wear Such Clear Braces?

Both teens and adults should wear Invisalign.

Clear braces have been used to cover spaces between teeth and manage underbite, overbite, open bite, crossbite, and overpopulated teeth.

We will explore whether Invisalign is the best orthodontic procedure for you after an inspection and x-rays of your teeth.

How Does the Invisalign Procedure Work?

If Invisalign is a good fit for you, we shall use the test, x-rays, and a 3D model of your teeth to create a customized care program for you.

The recovery plan specifies how the teeth will move and how long it will take to properly arrange them.

The X-rays, images, and 3D models of your teeth are sent to the laboratory of Invisalign to produce your aligner.

You can also see how Invisalign Clear Braces can gradually correct your orthodontic problems with your 3D model of your teeth.

How Does Invisalign Work?

You come to the dental clinic after receiving your first package of aligners to review for compatibility and make any required changes.

All day, besides eating, flossing, and brushing your teeth, you will wear your aligners.

As Invisalign Clear Braces can be removed, you can remove them temporarily if you need during the day.

Invisalign is simple to wear and blends well into your usual day.

You’ll put the transparent braces on your teeth as you get your aligners.

For two weeks, you can wear each set of aligners and then move to its next set.

Aligners are initially tight as they are made to shift the teeth carefully and precisely.

After some days, the teeth begin moving into a new position progressively.

You will find that after some time, your aligners will feel a little loose.

Don’t change them early, even though they begin to feel loose.

For two weeks, wear them.

This allows you to adapt your teeth and gums to new positions.

Too early aligners switching will affect the course of care.

You will have an appointment in the dental clinic every six weeks to monitor your aligners and recovery results.

By conducting these checks, we are able to determine whether any adjustments need to be made to the Invisalign Clear Braces or treatment plans.

How do you feel regarding Invisalign?

How easy these aligners are to wear is one of the best reasons to invest in Invisalign.

Keep in mind that the teeth are moving into a different position, so you can anticipate some slight pain when they shift, particularly for the first set of aligners.

The stress on your teeth will decrease steadily over the span of few days after you first set a new set of aligners.

Give us a call if you feel severe discomfort or suffering.

We will arrange a meeting to look at your gum, teeth, and aligners and make sure everything fits correctly.

How much time does it take for your treatment?

The estimated treatment period of Invisalign is one year, but it depends on age and individual needs.

After inspecting your teeth and capturing digital photographs, the dentist will provide you with an estimated treatment period, which will be based on the uniqueness of your case.

Invisalign Advantages Over Traditional Braces

When assessing orthodontic care choices, it’s important to understand the benefits of Invisalign over standard braces.

  • These are transparent braces. The majority of people may not know you are wearing them.
  • Invisalign allows for more accurate tooth movement than standard braces.
  • Invisalign makes it possible to ensure healthy oral hygiene.
  • When you chew, brush your teeth, and floss, you can take your aligners out.
  • Compared to metal braces, these aligners are much more convenient. They do not irritate your gums or teeth.
  • Invisalign Clear Braces helps you save time.
  • Contrary to braces requiring regular visits to the office to replace the archwires and implement modifications, inspections with Invisalign are less frequent.
  • Therapy duration is often usually shorter.
What are the prices of these clear braces?

Your situation, including the severity of misalignment of your teeth and the length of time required to bring them back to their proper place, determines the price of Invisalign. In our Dental Office Tamiami FL, we can help you establish the best proposal for this service.

What occurs after the completion of Invisalign Clear Braces treatment?

Dentists recommend wearing a retainer after any orthodontic operation, regardless of whether it is Invisalign or something else.

The purpose of a cushion is to maintain continuity with the teeth.

Otherwise, the teeth will shift back to their original location progressively.

You will need to wear aligners again temporarily if your teeth appear to shift.

Dentists determine the type of retainer that best suits your specific needs.

Invisalign cleansing

The need for Invisalign Clear Braces aligners is one of the most important things to bear in mind.

Although the aligners are removed after a few weeks, it is necessary to clean them regularly. Failure to do so will result in daily use of a genuinely stinky or dirty set of aligners.

  • Use a smooth, crisp dental brush and delicate clear soap to clean the aligners and eliminate any garbage or scraps that may have been collected throughout the day.
  • After brushing, rinse thoroughly.
  • Store in a safe case when not in use.

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