Dental Blush (Dental Office Tamiami FL) was founded with the thought of bringing cutting-edge dental technology to County people.

Other dentists in the region have followed us, introducing modern technologies to their patients. Dental Blush has made easy to get the finest therapy for all its patients under one roof.

The Dental Blush clinic provides general and cosmetic dentistry, including, laser dentistry, sedation dentistry, endodontics (root canal), oral surgery (extraction, implants), periodontics (gum therapy), and orthodontic treatment (braces).

Every one of our experts have received the most recent training to assist the patients in achieving the greatest function and aesthetics for their well-being.

Dental Blush is housed at 12260 SW 8 St Suite 226, Tamiami FL 33184. We welcome clients and you may make an appointment by calling + (305) 553 0666.

Our Team

Dental Blush ‘s team provides high-quality dental treatment to patients in the Miami region, concentrating on a holistic strategy to dental health.

Our staff assists patients in staying healthy in between visits by treating and educating them.

Our team recognizes the significance of listening to the patients and assisting them in feeling at ease. We take a personal approach to everything we do.

From scheduling an appointment to completing out paperwork, doing an examination, and delivering dental services, the Dental Blush team takes the time to communicate with the patients and provide them with attentive focus they deserve.

Our staff has received extensive training in modern dental treatments and methods, allowing patients to get the most up-to-date dental care.

Services – Dental Office Tamiami FL

Our Dental Office in Tamiami FL offers a broad range of oral treatments and procedures to meet the dental health requirements of our patients.

Our pleasant and relaxed environment enables us to serve patients of all ages. We integrate high-quality patient care with cutting-edge technology to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.

Our website offers a wide range of dental services. These include emergency dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, dental crowns, veneers, family dentistry, dental bridges, dentures, root canals, and more.

Our doctor and skilled team are educated not just to rehabilitate patients but to discover first and foremost what caused health problems.

Advanced Dental’s holistic approach puts patients on the path to rehabilitation and long-term dental health.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Dental Blush

Cosmetic dental treatment improves the look of your teeth that also helps your oral health. We can improve the form, luminosity and size of our teeth.

One can use cosmetic dentistry to correct their teeth and fix damage, which may include the replacement of missing teeth.

The cosmetic dental procedures will not impair your teeth’s functioning and will enable you to go on with your life as usual. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, please contact us to set up a visit.

We will examine the possibilities and adapt your smile as you want.

Dental Procedures

Our dental treatments include skilled and effective treatment of the patient’s oral health.

Our dental services vary from routine regular cleaning to more severe oral health therapies.

Without cleaning or flossing, adults may permanently damage their teeth, as they are not indestructible. Our dental treatments may assist in restoring, replacing, or repairing teeth to their finest possible condition.

By making a visit we shall be capable of curing any tooth discomfort you are experiencing and enhancing your smile.

Dental Services – Dental Office Tamiami FL

Our dental treatments vary from easy control to thorough gum cleansing. If we check a patient, we inspect the teeth and evaluate whether oral health concerns exist.

When we have a good understanding of the teeth of the patient, we suggest the most efficient way of treatment.

At regular visits, we conduct regular cleaning of the gums, teeth, and mouth to maintain the patient’s excellent dental health. This helps prevent dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

If the patient has any concerns, we will address any questions that the patient has prior to the operation.

Beneficial Dental Information

For genuine effectiveness, we provide useful dental knowledge, such as the necessity to floss before to brushing.

We utilize dental inspections not only for cleaning teeth but also to teach patients about good oral hygiene.

Patients must wash their teeth two times per day and floss at least once a day to maintain their teeth strong.

While flossing and brushing regularly may assist, these are not sufficient for your teeth to be healthy.

We can avoid early symptoms of illness or deterioration by arranging regular dental exams at least twice a year.

Before starting a procedure, don’t hesitate to contact us, arrange a meeting or ask any concerns regarding dental health.

Information to the patient – Dental Blush

Our pleasant team at the Dental Office in Tamiami FL will instantly welcome you and ensure that your whole meeting is comfortable.

When patients come to the dental clinic, we understand that they may feel worried or anxious. That is why our personnel will actively listen to each of your concerns and address them with empathy and understanding.

At Dental Blush, we take pride in being an affordable family dentist that accepts a variety of insurance types and payment methods. We are committed to ensuring our services are accessible to as many patients as possible.

Including cash or credit cards, as we want to make everyone in Miami feel good and healthy.

Dental Blush is a Dental Office located in Tamiami FL. Our goal is to make the patient feel at home. We are excited for you to become a new member of our family!

Dental Blush is housed 12260 SW 8th St Suite 226, Miami, FL 33184.

We welcome clients and you may make an appointment by calling + (305) 553 0666 or complete our contact form. Thank you.

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  1. Jose Rodriguez 2 years ago

    Great article explaining the services provided at Dental Blush, I had a very pleasant experience when I made an appointment, I recommend going here for dental services.

    1. Thank you Jose, we really appreciate you shared your experience in our office!!!

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