Do you Know the Latest Technologies in Dentistry.

We can say that dentistry is a branch that changes day by day and improves from the incorporation of new devices.

To the quality of patient care, especially in the final treatment.

Technological advances have been a real revolution for this medical specialty.

Giving advantages when making a diagnosis and treatment, which has greater precision, safety and speed.

In recent years dentistry has undergone a great change as a result, mainly, of new technologies.

In this article we not only want to talk about how technology has influenced dentistry.

We want to look further back and see how it has evolved.

If we rely on how the offices were in the 19th century, we started from scary facilities.

This should be one of the reasons why there is so much phobia to go to the dentist.

Now we would put our hands to the head just to remember it, but we will not look so far back …

we will focus on when technology was already introduced in dentistry and how it has improved over the years.

X-rays in Dentistry, Do you Know the Latest Technologies in Dentistry

Yes, it is true that the radiographs were already introduced in dental offices for a long time.

But the improvement they have made is in image quality and resolution.

In the past, the Rx took a long time to reveal themselves, the images taken did not always look good and gave the doctor much confusion.

Today all that has changed, moreover, the improvement has been significant.

With dental x-rays we have also been able to observe changes.

In addition to being taken faster, they also transmit the image almost immediately to the computer.

From where our clinic staff can adjust brightness and contrast to assist in diagnosis.

Another advantage is that it makes it easier to compare images taken at different times in the patient’s life.

See their response to treatment, new problems and monitor their oral health in general.

The laser is old, but its uses are so extensive that a few years ago they came to dentistry to stay.

One of the last is in the treatment of periodontal disease to correct the shape of the gums or remove an excess of gingival tissue.

It is an ally to minimize bleeding and swelling of the gums.

Dental Sedation

From this section we cannot say that there has been a technological improvement.

But we cannot ignore that thanks to the conscious sedation used in dentistry we have managed to give a solution.

To all those patients who with previous methods had a bad experience.

What has evolved in this field has been medicine, which is linked to dentistry.

This is because drugs also evolve and are becoming more and more speakers, reliable and, above all, safe.

In this way we have the confidence of being able to perform a satisfactory and fearless job.

Who imagined that we could sleep at the dentist?

Dentistry and New Technologies

But beyond advances in medical-dental care, we know that there are new techniques and devices that simplified complicated treatments and testing for disease.

All thanks to technology and hard scientific work around the world.

One of those new devices that have already become popular is the intraoral camera that.

Although its invention occurred in the 80s, its use by us and the specialists of the clinic is more frequent now.

It is like a pencil that projects on a screen the enlarged image of the patient’s mouth.

And that allows to observe clearly and quickly the visible state of his mouth and previous treatments, such as fillings or crowns.

Its success is due in large part to the fact that the patient can also see his mouth from a medical and different perspective to the traditional one (in front of the mirror).

This is used by dentists as they can explain live the treatment to follow and in the areas that will be applied.

Intraoral scanner and 3D printer, Do you Know the Latest Technologies in Dentistry

This part has been a revolution, although it still has many aspects to improve.

Despite this, the results that are being obtained in dentistry are extraordinary.

A three-dimensional intraoral scanner is a device that allows us to make 3D digital prints of a person’s mouth.

This procedure is carried out when the patient is going to undergo an orthodontic treatment.

A measure on implants, treatment of dental veneers or covers, discharge splints, and.

Therefore, we need to take records of his mouth.

Traditionally, the way to make these prints was to insert a tray with a paste into the patient’s mouth.

Currently, in our clinic we use the intraoral scanner for many treatments, although in some cases.

Which are minimal, we continue with the traditional method, but it is a matter of time before the pasta mold disappears.

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